Gree Hyper - Hi-wall Inverter Heat Pump


The new Gree Hyper Series air conditioner is now one of the most efficient units
on the market, with 3 point DC as standard, we have improved the R32 technology
providing an energy rating up to 6 stars.

The Gree Hyper Series air conditioner utilises Gree’s G10 inverter, this inverter
module utilises a cutting edge, high speed, DSP computer chip for precise inverter
control. This ensures accurate calculation and control which leads to efficient and
unceasing operation.

The inverter PCB in the outdoor unit can work safely up to 85°C for greater reliability.
The PCB is also coated to protect it from the ingress of moisture, dirt and dust.

The new Gree Hyper Series air conditioner outdoor units feature Gold Fin coating
on the outdoor coil. This improves efficiency by accelerating the defrost process and
offers greater resistant to corrosive elements. Gold Fin coils perform up to 20x better
under salt spray testing when compared to Blue fin coils.

All Gree hi-walls come with an industry leading “Six Year, Parts and Labour Warranty”.

New Smart Generation WiFi Control

After installing the Gree special APP “Smart WiFi” on a Smart terminal and
setting it for short or long distance modes, you can remotely control
the air conditioner.

Quietly Smart

The new Hyper range of heat pumps is Gree’s quietest yet. The GWH09/12ABA models both
achieve a staggering low 19dB(A), coupled with seven fan speeds, you get the perfect airflow with super quiet operation.

Smart Health

The Gree Hyper range comes standard with High Density Filters, these filters have a higher than normal density to filter out dust and pollen from the air.
Mini Photocatalytic filters are also standard. These filters oxidise and degrade organic
contaminants eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and unpleasant smells.
The Gree Hyper range has a Drying function. When selected this automatically runs the fan for a set period of time after switching the unit off to help dry the coil and to prevent the build-up of mildew.

Gree Hyper - Hi-wall Inverter Heat Pump

Gree Hyper - Hi-wall Inverter Heat Pump - AD

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