Gree GMV5 - DC Inverter Multi VRF System


Gree GMV5 DC Inverter Multi VRF System with its high-efficient inverter compressors have four exciting features which are different from those found on traditional inverter air conditioners: excellent energy-saving effect, more reliable and precise operation, smarter network control, providing users with best air conditioning experience.

Advanced Features

  • All DC inverter compressor is sued in this system. It can directly intake gas to reduce loss of overheat and improve efficiency.
  • Hight-efficient permasyn motor is adopted to provide better performance than traditional DC inverter compressor.
  • Technology of maximum torque control with minimum current.
  • Low-frequency torque control.

Additional Features

  • High efficiency and more energy saving
  • Comfortable design for a better life
  • Excellent performance ensured by advanced technology
  • Easy instrallation for various kinds of construction

Gree GMV5 Presentation

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