MAY 29 2018

Gree Product Sales & Service Training 2018!

MAY 29 2018
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Gree Product Sales & Service Training 2018!

Recently, with the cooperation of GREE headquarters and GREE Australian agent—Beijer Ref Australia Pty Ltd and GREE New Zealand agent - Realcold NZ, GREE Overseas Product Training 2018 (Australia/NZ station) has been successfully held. The Australian station training was conducted in three major cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and Christchurch. GREE agent, installers and professional after-sales service team members, more than 120 people participated in the training.

The training site at Melbourne station is in the conference room of the cricket stadium in Vitoria. GREE agent sponsored the famous cricket team "MELBOURNE RENEGADES" in 2017 which achieved good performance. 

The Brisbane training mainly revolves around R32 high energy efficiency split type Hyper, new split type Lomo, new commercial big ducted unit and multi VRF units. Contents include product function points, selection guide, installation guide, unit debugging, and fault handling, etc. At present, the southern hemisphere is entering into winter, but the cold weather does not affect the enthusiasm of the training experts and participants. The atmosphere on site is active and the interaction is positive.

Australian market has high requirements for product energy efficiency standards, and the product characteristics are different from those in other markets. GREE headquarters R&D team thus specially developed the 6 star high efficiency wall mounted unit which meets local market demand, as well as the PV GMV unit which combines the favorable environment of the Australian light resources and is in line with the local grid and photovoltaic power supply.

Australian market requires at least 5 years of quality assurance standards for residential air conditioners. With good performance and quality advantages, GREE products have given GREE agent confidence to offer 6 years’ warranty pledge. At the same time, GREE agent have branches and warehouses throughout the country, which store spare parts supply and provide after-sales services, convoying GREE's sales in Australia.

The training is effective in solving customers' queries on products and enhancing their understanding of new products. In particular, the GREE photovoltaic products and G-IEMS GREE Local Energy Internet System have caused great interest of customers, and have played an active role in the advancement of customer services and the promotion of new product market.

Gree training in Christchurch, New Zealand

In recent years, GREE headquarters has continuously increased investment in new product development, and GREE Australian and New Zealand agents have also stepped up its marketing efforts to expand dealer groups. The excellent quality and good services of GREE products have won high praise from the installers and end users. “Made in China, Loved by Australia.” GREE, sails again in 2018!